Equipment Overview


Not all projects are the same. Not all work processes are the same. Not all laser scanning systems are the same. We evaluate each job in the various industries we serve to determine the most appropriate laser scanning tools to make the project results as high quality and cost effective as possible. Different laser scanning projects may require different tools to create an overall successful outcome. It only makes sense for us to use the appropriate equipment from our G&P As-Built Services Toolkit.

When evaluating a project for the correct Laser Scanner, G&P personnel rely on knowledge, experience and specific project requirements to determine the most suitable and cost effective scanner. We utilize 3d Laser Scanners for our projects with the latest technology. Primarily Phase Shift or Time of Flight technology is used.  Equipment primarily used are Z+F, Faro, Leica, and Matterport.

The G&P Toolkit also consists of 3D Point Cloud processing, CAD and BIM software. It is essential to have point cloud processing software that is proven in many different applications and projects. The software needs to efficiently handle large point cloud data sets effectively. The precision, accuracy, level of detail, point resolution, and ease of use are all critical factors when developing a successful 3D project.

Conventional surveying techniques may be required as part of the work process. Frequently, a final step in the laser scanning work process is utilizing conventional surveying equipment (Total Stations, Global Positioning, GPS) for Geo-Referencing of the data into a specific coordinate system. Learning from our work experiences has provided us knowledge on the most suitable reflector less Electronic Total Stations and high precision GPS.

Key factors when evaluating for proper Laser Scanning equipment:

  • Overall accuracy
  • Level of detail
  • Scanning Speed
  • Resolution
  • Range requirements
  • Facility work flow disruption
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reduction of on-site scanning visits
  • Environmental Conditions

Laser Scanning equipment ultimately provides many benefits for our clients who are trying to get accurate and detailed mapping results. Precise, detailed data is a direct result from Laser Scanning. Millimeter level detail is common accuracy with scanned data thus creating extremely precise 2D and 3D plans. After thorough evaluation we determine what combination of equipment will provide the highest productivity and project cost savings for you.