Laser Scanners

The FARO FOCUS is the primary scanner utilized by G&P Associates. The laser scanner’s combination of accuracy, speed, and portability are extremely important attributes for us when working on many projects. This Phase Shift technology is “State of the Art” for high-speed scanners.

**For the imaging measurement systems, a laser beam (LARA) is deflected in two dimensions: vertically by the rotating deflection mirror and horizontally by the rotating movement of the entire measuring device. Within a very short space of time, the FARO FOCUS supplies high-resolution results with a maximum range of 360° horizontally and 310° vertically (approximately 50° are hidden by the superstructure and tripod).**

At a maximum data sampling rate of 500,000 pixels per second the amount of data collected totals up to 720 million picture points per scan that can be further edited, processed and reduced beforehand if necessary. Like this, future detail and data are available without the need of rescanning.


  • Distance accuracy up to ±3mm
  • Ambiguity Range up to 70 meters
  • HD colorized photo overlay up to 165 megapixel color
  • Wireless operation with internal data storage
  • Electronic inclination sensor
  • Compact and lightweight design

All measured data is available in digital form quickly and is the basis for various applications in many different areas. To learn how G&P Associates can implement the FARO FOCUS in your next project.

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