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What Are As-Built Drawings? What You Should Know

Posted: March 21, 2024
What Are As-Built Drawings? What You Should Know

As-built drawings serve as the foundational records that document the precise state of a completed project. These documents epitomize the culmination of theoretical designs and practical construction work, incorporating every alteration during the construction process. We cannot overstate their significance, so we’ll explain as-built drawings and what you should know about them.

Understanding the Basics

An as-built drawing is a detailed overview of a structure’s current physical state, showing all improvements and features in place. Contractors typically prepare these drawings upon completion of a project. They are legal records that provide an accurate reflection of completed work. Architects and engineers refer to as-builts for various purposes, including renovations, alterations, and assessments for safety compliance.

The as-built drawing process is a significant milestone after the design and planning phase. It verifies that the building team created the structure according to the specifications in the original plans. Local planning and building departments often require these drawings to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

The Significance of Precision

The creation of as-built drawings demands an exceptional level of precision. Details can mean the difference between success and failure. This is where advanced technologies, such as 3D laser scanning, come into play. They help design teams make as-built drawings as accurate as possible.

The 3D laser scanning they use for this process is non-contact, meaning it’s not destructive to the environment it scans. It uses lasers to digitally capture the spaces it scans. The resulting 3D models provide an accurate depiction of the as-built state of a structure, complete with dimensions, volume, and spatial relationships.

The Method to the 3D Laser Scanning Madness

As you might expect, creating as-built drawings through 3D laser scanning is a methodical process. It begins with scanning the built environment, capturing millions of data points in a matter of minutes. Then, the data enters a specialized program that processes the drawing, eliminating “noise” and generating a point cloud. Finally, the high-resolution point cloud becomes detailed, as-built drawings.

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